How to do Photographic Justice to France

France, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. France generates a huge chunk of its economy from tourism and sees millions of people visit the country every year. People love the country for its historic sites, its amazing architecture, and its rich and vibrant culture.

All of this beauty deserves to be preserved in a way that does it justice. So if you’re ever traveling to France and want to take photos of the many beautiful things you see there, be sure to incorporate some of the following tips.

  • Take Your Photos in Layers

France, as stated earlier, has a lot of amazing stuff to behold. Wherever you look, chances are you’ll see something that catches your eye. So one of the best ways to showcase all there is to see is to take your photos in a way that shows different elements in one scene. Putting something in the foreground of your shots with is bound to create instant interest for the viewers.

  • Reflections Are Your Friends

As cliché as it may seem, taking photos of the amazing French buildings with their own reflections in puddles of water or in the glass of other buildings can produce some really great photos.

  • Mix Stationary with Action

In order to add some drama to architecture photos, you should try to incorporate some action in your scene. Cars roaring past and leaving light trails in front of the Eiffel Tower at night, or fountains sprouting water in front of a historic piece of architecture will add interest to your photos.

Speaking of architecture, you should also try to experiment with HDR photography. Simply take a number of photos of your building at different exposures and merge them in an HDR editor. You’ll end up with photos that have a much higher dynamic range than normal and can be edited much easily and creatively later on.

  • Change Your Perspective

As a photographer, you should try to take photos that other people normally don’t. Sometimes the easiest way to do this is to simply change how you look at something. Take close-shots of the details on buildings, take your camera lower to the ground and frame a photo like that, or take a street shot with activity going on from up top. Changing your camera’s level and perspective will create images that will make people appreciate the beauty of France in an all-new way.

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